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The main weather in Egypt is hot and dry!

Winter is the best time for a holiday in Egypt. We toured in late February and found the Cairo weather pleasantly warm (local people plainly did not as they wore anoraks - we wore shirts). Luxor and Aswan were as hot as a good English summer day, except early in the afternoon when the temperature was quite hot. The Valley of the Kings, near Luxor, was very hot, even at that time of year.

Hotels, and many other buidlings in Egypt, are airconditioned so visitors quickly learn to stay indoors during the hottest temperatures which are in early afternoon.


Dress for the heat in Egypt
Even in February, the temperature in the
Valley of the Kings is about 30 degrees C
and the sun is oppressive. Visitors should
wear loose, lightweight clothing that
covers everything

A light jacket or cardigan is useful, both to moderate the heat of the Egyptian midday sun and to avoid feeling cold in the evening.

It is essential to maintain your fluid levels by drinking water frequently. Bottled water is cheap and plentiful. Alcoholic drinks have the opposite effect.

It does rain sometimes in Cairo
It does rain occasionally - this is Cairo
Airport making us feel at home

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