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Situated on a long bend in the Nile, Luxor is the site of the ancient Egyptian capital city of Thebes.

Luxor itself is on the east bank, with the west bank being given over to agriculture. Looking across the river from Luxor it is easy to imagine those days before the Aswan Dam when the flat ground around the Nile would flood unpredictably every year.

Nile bridge at Luxor
The impressive entrance to a modern bridge across the Nile at Luxor

A visitor to Egypt will want to see the huge Temple at Karnak and then cross the River Nile to the Valley of the Kings where ancient Pharaohs were buried amidst treasure and art. [See Places to visit in Luxor for much more detail]

Navigating yourself around Luxor is simple, though you will be constantly harrassed by traditionally dressed owners of horse-driven carriages until you succumb to this elegant form of transport.

A special treat is a balloon flight over the area as the morning sun comes over the sandstone hills.


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