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It is always useful when holidaying to have a map of the country you are visiting. We not only take a map with us, but also pin it to the back of our lounge door for months before the holiday so that we can familiarise ourselves with the geography of the place.

The map of Egypt we used was the 'Egypt Country Map' from Michelin (shown second from the left in our recommended list below)..

There are some free maps available on the web (see links on this page) which can be useful for a general overview. However, they are often too small to have any detail, or they zoom close in and therefore cover a very small area. There is no substitute for a 'proper' fold-out map, many of which will have town plans, transport maps and other information. A selection of recommended maps is shown below.

.Map of Egypt
From the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection


Maps of Egypt recommended by apersonalguide.co.uk

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Free maps and mapping services:
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Map of ancient Egypt

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