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Aswan: Nubia Museum

An obelisk outside the Nubian Museum, Aswan

A real surprise is this modern museum devoted to the Nubian people of Egypt.

Not only are there many ancient exhibits, including the remains of a man many thousands of years old, but the museum incorporates a mock-up of a typical Nubian house.

An excellent display shows how a large number of ancient temples were moved, stone by stone, to avoid being drowned when Lake Nasser was formed by the building of the Aswan High Dam.


An obekisk, surrounded by baboons greets the visitor

Large statue inside the Nubian Museum, Aswan
The top of a huge statue situated just inside
the museum

Outside the museum is another surprise - a water garden which is a lovely oasis in this rather dusty country. A shop offers all the usual Egypt-ware as well as books and maps. One of our guidebooks described the Nubia Museum as the best museum in Egypt; we did not find a better one

Water garden outside the Nubian Museum, Aswan
Part of the relaxing water garden that surrounds the museum. In the background is the Nubian cemetry

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Nubia Museum

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