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Nile: Temple of Horus at Edfu

The magnificent entrance to the Temple of Horus, Edfu
The magnificent entrance of the Temple of Horus


The 2000 year old ancient Egyptian temple is dedicated to the hawk-headed god Horus. Two huge stone statues of Horus guard the 116ft high entrance.

The bus took us from our Nile cruiser through the small town of Edfu, about half way between Awan and Luxor. This was an interesting opportunity to get closer to 'real' Egyptian life than we had been before. As we travelled throigh Edfu on the bus we could see groups of men in cafes, sucking on their shisha pipes, and women hanging out washing in impossibly small places on apartment balconies.


The Edfu quayside
The quayside at Edfu
  Street life in Edfu
Cafe scene in Edfu

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Temple of Edfu

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