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Aqaba is Jordan's only port, and is in the far south of the country on the Red Sea. In fact, Jordan had a tiny coastline until a deal with Saudi Arabia in 1965 increased it to 26.5km allowing extensive port facilities to be built. Aqaba is a small town with a population about 65,000.

The guide books warn against the extreme heat in Aqaba in the summer months, but when we visited in early November the temperature was in the mid-20s Celsius which, coupled with a slight sea breeze, made it very pleasant.Although Aqaba is famous for diving amongst the coral, there is very little in the way of public beaches as we know them. There are new hotels being built just south of the town and these are likely to have their own beaches.

We spent two days there and we enjoyed the climate and the compact nature of the town centre which made shopping easy and safe (see the shopping page). Cruise ships call here to visit Aqaba and to take a trip inland to the highlight of Jordan - Petra.

Aqaba from a distance.
(above) Our first glimpse of Aqaba. In the distance is Israel with the town of Eilat on the right.
(below) The sea front at Aqaba
Sunset at Aqaba, Jordan
Sunset in Aqaba harbour.
Note the freighter nestles alongside the cruise ship
Aqaba sea front.

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