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Karak Castle

The walled town of Karak, sometimes called Kerak, lies midway between Amman and Petra, and is on the picturesque King's Highway. It is some 900 metres above sea level and the views are stunning.

The main feature of Karak is the castle, the main part of which is built right on the edge of the rocky escarpment and has a commanding view to the west. It is easy for the visitor to Jordan to see the strategic value of this site.

Built by the Crusader Baldwin 1 of Jerusalem in 1142 as part of a chain stretching from Aqaba to Turkey, Karak Castle was legendary in the battles between the cruel Renauld de Chatillon and Saladin. Karak Castle features heavily in the plot of the movie Kingdom of Heaven, though the filming was done in North Africa and not at Karak itself.

The best parts of a visit to Karak Castle are the view and the restaurant. There are various tunnels to explore, but much of the site has yet to be fullly excavated.

Karak in Jordan
The fortified town of Karak (Kerak) . . .
Karak Castle
. . . and a close-up of the imposing castle

Waiter in a fez at Karak Castle restaurant
Coffee in the excellent restaurant
The view from Karak Castle, Jordan
The amazing view shows that the castle was well placed
Tunnel in Karak Castle Karak Castle

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