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Advice on Epilepsy

I find the following sites to be very useful :
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UK national

The Epilepsy Society (formerly the National Society for Epilepsy)
A huge amount of useful information for those suffering from epilepsy, or caring for someone with the condition. Includes books, leaflets and a helpline.

Epilepsy Action
Masses of information about epilepsy. Plus fund raising, research, news, a forum and much more.

National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
Part of University College London (UCL) the 'National Hospital' is a major centre for epilepsy research and treatment.

Charge - the Experience of Epilepsy
Aiming to promote a greater understanding of epilepsy, the site contains personal accounts of living with the condition and information about the brain activity which lies behind a seizure.

UK Regional

Mersey Region Epilepsy Association
Advice and assistance for people in Merseyside and Cheshire

Epilepsy Connections
Community-based support to people living with epilepsy in the Greater Glasgow area. Activities and services include: Information on a wide range of epilepsy issues, fieldwork support, befriending, epilepsy education, art project and volunteering opportunities .

Epilepsy Scotland
Includes Epilepsy News, an interesting full-colour newsletter.


A forum on the subject of epilepsy.

Lots of information about the Vagus Nerve Stimulator from the patient's point of view.

The Epilepsy Foundation
Advice, first aid info, e-communities and more

Rest of the World

Epilepsy South Africa
Facts and figures, epilepsy and women, epilepsy and the child, drug therapy, diagnosis and much more.

Brainwave - the Irish Epilepsy Association
News and information, plus many archived articles.

The EpiCentre
A mine of information based on booklet produced by the Neurological Department at Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia. Includes how seizures are investigated and treated, and an invaluable FAQ section.


Coping with Epilepsy
The story of Stacy's epilepsy as told by husband Bernard. Includes links to doctors, a seizure diary and a busy forum.


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