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Weathering the Storms - living with epilepsy
a book by Julie Dennison

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Weathering the Storms - living with epilepsyWeathering the Storms is a personal story of a lifetime of living with uncontrolled epilepsy. It is also a handbook on how to come to terms wih a debilitating condition, and ultimately live a full life. Covering life as a child, an adolescent, an employee, a wife and a parent, Weathering the Storms tells of triumph over ongoing adversity. The book has lessons for anyone diagnosed with a chronic illness or disability, or anyone caring for them. Above all, it is an uplifting story.

"One of the things that becomes obvious is the way in which the ordinary becomes extraordinary with just day to day living" - Tish Hayton, Counsellor

"Julie's story is striking; a great deal applies not only to epilepsy, but to us all. Perhaps the overwhelming tone of the book is that of optimism" - Matthew Walker, Consultant Neurologist

"Julie has made it her mission to reduce public ignorance of epilepsy." The National, Summer 2004 (National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London).

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