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Talks on Epilepsy

I have given many talks to schools, colleges, safety officers, personnel officers, Women's Institutes and public servants. [list]

Each talk is tailored to the specific audience, eg to the age of the school children. [See sample "thank you" letters from a junior school].

In addition to the basic Living with Epilepsy talk, I can also speak on several related topics, such as how epilepsy affects pregnancy and motherhood. All of the talks are upbeat, emphasising that it is possible to lead a fulfilling and productive life despite having a disabling condition.

[Sample talk: Epilepsy and pregnancy]
[Sample talk: Climbing the tree of life]

I do not charge for my time, but I ask that any previously agreed out of pocket expenses, eg travel, are reimbursed.

If you would like a talk on living with epilepsy, and are within easy travelling distance of Welwyn Garden City, Herts, UK, please e-mail me.

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