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Moscow Metro
Moscow Metro signMore than just an efficient underground transport system, the Moscow Metro is a work of art. Stations are ornately decorated with murals, strange shaped lamps, carvings and statues. The trains themselves are very basic, but it is well worth taking a ride on the Metro, or even just visting one of the stations.

Victory Park Metro, Moscow
We travelled from Victory Park (Park Pobedy) station which is much newer than most of Moscow's Metro, having been completed in 2003. At 86m down, it is one of the deepest underground stations in the World. The escalator has 740 steps and takes three minutes to descend. Much of the Metro is deep because it was intended to double as a nuclear bunker.

Metro sign at Moscow's Revolution Sqaure
Our destination was Revolution Square (Ploshchad Revolyutsii) which is much older, having been built in Stalin's time. It is very ornate and features many bronze statues of male and female workers and sportsmen. The station is close to Red Square and the Kremlin.

Entrance to Park Pobedy Station on the Moscow Metro Interior of Park Pobedy (Victory Park) Metro station, Moscow
Entrance to the Metro at Victory Park.
Behind is the Triumphal Arch
Spectacular pillars and eerie lighting at the top
of the escalator at Victory Park
The 86m deep escalator at Park Pobedy Metro station in Moscow Mural designed by Zurab Tsereteli at Park Pobedy Metro station, Moscow
The escalator takes three minutes to descend Mural by Zurab Tsereteli at Victory Park
The inside of a Moscow Metro train
The rather basic interior of a Metro train Arriving at Revolution Square station
Statue at Revolution Square metro station in Moscow Statue at Moscow's Revolution Square metro station
Two of the many statues at Moscow's Revolution Square metro station


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