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St Petersburg as seen from the river

They say that the beauty of St Petersburg is best appreciated from its rivers and canals so we went on a one-and-a-half-hour boat trip to see if it was true. Despite the weather being rather overcast, we were not disappointed as the pictures below show.

St Peter and Paul Fortress, St Petersburg
The imposing tower of the cathedral in the Peter and Paul Fortress dominates the
St Petersburg skyline

Battleship Aurora moored in St Petersburg
The Aurora, from which the first shots of the October 1917 Revolution were fired. It is now a free museum
St Petersburg architecture
A typical view of St Petersburg as seen from the river: a graceful bridge and solid but attractive buildings
Canal in St Petersburg
St Petersburg's shortest canal runs under the Winter Palace
St Petersburg residents relax
St Petersburg residents relax between beautiful buildings and the waterways
Ornate bridge in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Romanesque golden bridge ornaments
Fountain in St Petersburg
Spectacular fountains originate from river barges

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