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We started our journey at Moscow's Northern River Boat Station, then through the Moscow-Volga Canal (sometimes just called the Moscow Canal) to the mighty River Volga.

The canal is around 129km (80 miles) long and links the capital to the Volga which allows access to the Caspian Sea, the White Sea, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Moscow is known as the Port of Five Seas as a result.

The Moscow-Volga Canal was built by the forced labour of political prisoners in just five years during 1930s as the greatest project in Stalin's Second Five Year Plan.. It has been nicknamed "the Canal of Bones", in memory of those who lost their lives during its construction.

In addition to being used as a transport link, the Moscow-Volga Canal provides almost half of Moscow's water supply. It is also used to generate hydro-electric power.

On the Moscow-Volga Canal
We leave Moscow for St Petersburg, on the Moscow-Volga Canal

Lock on the Moscow-Volga Canal
One of the eleven locks on the canal . . .

Statue of a worker at a lock on the Moscow-Volga Canal
. . . topped by statues of workers
A lock on the Moscow-Volga Canal at sunset
A lock at sunset produced an . . .
Detail of ship design on a lock on the Moscow-Volga Canal
. . . interesting effect on this metallic boat design



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