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The waterways: Lake Onega

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After the June sun had set on Lake Onega

Lake Onega in the northern Russia region of Karelia is the second largest lake in Europe covering an area of 9,894 square kilometres. Despite being so huge, it is frozen over during the winter and apparently cars can be driven across it. The lake is famous for its pure water; the air was certainly the freshest we have ever breathed.

Our cruise ship travelled north across Lake Onega to visit Kizhi Island during the day, though there was little to see on the journey because the shore was so far away. Our overnight return south gave us the opportunity to experience a very lovely sunset. Because we were so far north and it was mid-June the sunset was long, ending at about 1130pm. It dipped just below the horizon and it was still quite light throughout the night.

The Volga-Baltic Canal opens out into Lake Onega
The Volga-Baltic Canal opens out into the expanse of Lake Onega

The wild south shore of Lake Onega, Russia
Waves break on a beach on the southern shore of Lake Onega

The sun sets on our Russia cruise
It is still light on deck at 11pm as the sun nears the horizon

A lovely sunset over Lake Onega in Northern Russia
The sun finally sets over Lake Onega, only to return a couple of hours later



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