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The waterways: Rybinsk Reservoir

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Sunset on the Rybinsk Reservoir, Russia

At around 4,500km, Rybinsk is believed to be the largest artificial water basin in the World. As a reservoir, it serves Moscow via the Volga, the Moscow Canal and a network of dams and pumping stations, necessary because Russia's capital is higher than Rybinsk.

Considerable environmental damage was done during the construction of the Rybinsk Reservoir, submerging villages and forests, and even now there are few fish in it.

Sunset view over Rybinsk, Russia
We followed another boat across Rybinsk Reservoir as the sun set


On our waterways journey from Moscow to St Petersburg we sailed North through the Rybisnk Reservoir from the Volga to the Sheksna River. Our journey was mostly at night but we were able to see a fantastic sunset as late as 11pm as it was mid-June.



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