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The waterways: Volga River

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The Volga is the Europe's longest river at 3692km (2294 miles). The river freezes throughout most of its length for three months f the year. Fortunately, we travelled on it in August. It carries a huge amount of traffic, from freight barges and tourist ships, though to small recreational boats.

Our waterways journey from Moscow to St Petersburg used only a tiny part of the Volga; from the Moscow-Volga Canal, past Uglich, through part of the Rybinsk Reservoir and then south-east to Yaraslovl. We then retraced our journey back to Rybinsk where our path went northwards across the vast man-made lake.

Ruined tower on the Volga River
The building of the Rybinsk Reservoir caused the river level to rise and drown villages. Here's what's left of a church.

Barge on the River Volga
The Volga has large freighters . . .

Fishing on the Volga River
. . . and tiny fishing boats
Typical Russian church with separate tower, on the banks of the Volga
An old riverside church
Navigaion aids on the Volga
Ships use these to navigate bends
Lock on the Volga at Uglich
Outside Uglich: a lock for shipping . .
Dam on the Volga at Uglich
. . and a dam to regulate the water supply to Moscow
Russian riverside village on the Volga, near Yaroslavl
Wooden houses are typical in the riverside villages on the Volga
Church on the banks of the Volga, near Yaroslavl
Pretty church near Yaroslavl
Tankers on the River Volga
Tankers on Russia's major waterway
Lock on the River Volga, near Yaroslavl
Lock outside Yaroslavl
Statue of Mother Volga, near Yaroslavl
Mother Volga near Rybinsk Reservoir

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