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Pretoria: Voortrekker Monument and Museum

This 130ft high cathedral to the memory of the Afrikaner struggle overlooks Pretoria. The building is huge, with many steps, though some floors are accessible by lift.

Amongst some South Africans, there is some disquiet about a monument to the history of the people who eventually ran the apartheid system, but it is still part of the country's heritage. It is difficult to remain un-impressed by the magnificent 92 metre long marble relief frieze depicting Voortrekker history.


Voortrekker Monument

The Voortrekker monument is accessed via many steps
Voortrekker statue
Statue representing the spread of civilisation
A symbolic 'laager', defensive ring of wagons used to protect the early settlers
Marble relief at Voortrekker Monument
This marble relief frieze depicts the often violent history of the Voortrekkers

Pretoria: Kruger House Museum

This is the house where Paul Kruger (President of the Transvaal 1883-99) lived The house is a simple wooden structure with a tin roof and the inside is full of very solid furniture and many illustrations of this Boer leader. Behind the house is a huge covered wagon - so permanent that it even has its own letterbox - and the Presidential train.

Paul Kruger's house
The rear of the museum. A bust of Paul Kruger can be seen on the brick podium. The tower is part of the church across the road, where Kruger preached.

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