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Although not the capital of KwaZulu-Natal - that is Pietermaritzburg - Durban is by far the biggest and most well-known city in the region.

It is extremely cosmopolitan, with South Africa's white population mingling with Zulus and a large contingent from the Indian sub-continent. The result is a busy, bustling, and very colourful town.

A major local crop is sugar, so refineries, storage facilities and breweries abound. Cargo boats (and the occasional cruise ship) continually move in and out of the harbour.

The climate comes as a shock as it is hot and sticky. Even in October (Spring) when we were there, it felt like we had entered a shower-room as the ground steamed in the aftermath of one of the tropical storms that occur most afternons.

We arrived in Durban during the afternoon and left the next morning, so we had no time for exploration. In fact, the manager of our city centre hotel advised us not to venture outside at all during the evening.

Our party, however, had guided tours of the Botanical Gardens and the Indian Market (see Places to Visit in KwaZulu-Natal), and some time seeing the city from our coach.

Durban sea front

Cosmopolitan Durban
East meets west - coca-cola and curry

Durban market
Colourful stalls on the sea front

Durban harbour
A large ship passes the telecom tower

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