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Dumazulu Kraal

This is a traditional Zulu village with all of the trappings of a visitors' centre, such as a restaurant and a large gift shop. It is located near Hluhluwe.

After a buffet lunch, we were introduced to a fierce looking Zulu warrior (see picture), taught a Zulu greeting, and then taken on a guided tour of the kraal (village). We saw traditional crafts such as making spears and pots, a witchdoctor and costumes (or lack of them) that signified whether a woman was married, engaged or single.

We were then seated for an impressive display of althletic dancing, which was most entertaining. During this, we had a chance to sample Zulu beer - which was rather an acquired taste.

Although we enjoyed the visit, we felt it was rather artificial (especially compared to our visit to a village in Lesotho) and would have preferred a rather more accurate picture of how traditional values affect modern living for Zulus.

Leather bellows keep the fire going Fierce Zulu warrior
Zulu medicine woman
Traditional Zulu dance


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